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** CURRENT SPECIAL ** Free shipping on all orders! These products are selling fast!
John Deere Steering Sector Replacement Guide for L and LA Series Lawn Mowers

John Deere Steering Sector Replacement Guide for L and LA Series Lawn Mowers

Have you ever wondered what the problem is when you try turning the steering wheel of your John Deere L AND LA SERIES Riding Mower and the tires do not budge?

Check out the steering sector gear and pinion gear of the lawn mower. You may notice that they are stripped, which means they need to be replaced.

To carry out John Deere steering sector replacement, you need to purchase these essential parts:

  • A steering sector gear.
  • A pinion gear.
  • A bushing.

Replacing the Steering Gears on a John Deere L AND LA SERIES Riding Mower

Here’s how to replace these parts using the simple steps below:

  • First, for you to have easy access to the gears, you need to remove the mowing deck.
  • Then raise the front end of the mower and secure it in place with a jack stand.
  • Find the old pinion gear you want to replace and hold it steady using a pipe wrench.
  • Using a socket wrench, remove the nut that holds the old pinion gear in place.

Hint: You may need to use a flat head screwdriver to pry the old pinion gear off. This would also be a good time to remove the old bushing using the same screwdriver.

  • Simply pry the bushing out and then remove the plate. This is held with four screws; two screws on each side.
  • Remove the brake level rod by first removing its clip with the flat head screwdriver. Removing the clip frees the brake level rod. This may take some effort but once the rod has been freed, the plate screws can now be removed. Once all four plate screws have been removed, the plate will come off. This will allow access to the drag link nuts that need to be removed.
  • Use a rod to hold the plate up, as you don’t want the rod ends to pop out of their sockets.
  • With the aid of a socket wrench, remove both nuts to hold the plate on to the ends of the drag link. Once these nuts have been removed, the plate should come right off.
  • Use a socket wrench to remove the slack bolt and the pivot bolt. This will release the steering sector from the plate. The whole steering sector gear comes right off once these bolts have been removed.

The new John Deere steering sector replacement can now be installed after removing the old parts. To do this:

  • Make sure the teeth are bent to lie away from the plate when installing and re-install in the reverse order that you took them off.
  • Check the steering sector gear by pivoting it back and forth. In so doing it should move freely.

Make sure to note the damage on the old gear and then reassemble.

  • Return the plate back underneath the mower and set the drag link bolts back to their original positions.
  • Tighten the nuts very well using a socket wrench. At this point, it’s important to make sure that the wheels are turned in the straight position.
  • Lift the plate back up to the frame, making sure the screw holes are aligned.
  • Return all four screws to the plate, tightening very well. You can now take the new bushing and install by sliding it over the end of the steering rod.
  • Set the bushing into place with the aid of a large socket and a hammer and lightly tap until it is well seated.
  • You can now install the pinion gear by sliding it on the end of the steering rod. It should fit snugly within the teeth of the steering sector gear.

Hint: You may need a hammer to lightly tap it into place.

  • Return the pinion gear nut to the end and tighten very well.
  • Next, re-install the brake level rod by securing it in place with the clip.
  • Take the mower off the jack and test the steering by turning the wheel back and forth. You should be able to turn the wheels with ease.
  • Finally, re-install the mowing deck and then you’re ready to mow.

Here is great how to video by Phil Crockett on YouTube: Click Here

Please keep in mind that John Deere has a couple models that look similar but, are different. You will want to count the teeth on your exciting sector plate or message us and we will verify the model for you. Buy the correct sector plate:

19 Tooth LA Series Replaces Part Numbers GX21924BLE Sector Plate, GX20053 Pinion Gear, GX20054 Metal Bushing, GX21994 (X2) Plastic Bushing: Verify your model fitment: Click Here

25 Tooth L Series Replaces Part Numbers GX20052BLE Sector Plate, GX20053 Pinion Gear, GX20054 Metal Bushing, GX21994 (X2) Plastic Bushing: Verify your model fitment: Click Here 

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