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Deck Pusharm Assembly Fits Scag 461516 Turf Tiger Wildcat Sabre Tooth Tiger

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60 Day Hassle Free Warranty Replacement.

  • Direct replacement for manufacturer part number(s): 461516
  • Aftermarket part number: 703569
  • Aftermarket direct replacement. 60 day warranty. Hassle free returns.
  • Please verify your model is listed below for the correct fitment.

    See Fitment Below:

    SMST-61A (S/N 7810001-8609999)
    SMST-61A Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N 9470001-9459999)
    SMST-61A Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N A7500001-A7599999)
    SMST-61V Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N B7800001-B7899999)
    SMST-72A (S/N 7820001-8619999)
    SMST-72A (S/N 8610001-8619999)
    SMST-72A (Turf Tiger) (S/N E0000001-E0099999)
    SMST-72A (Turf Tiger) (S/N E0000001-E0099999)
    SMST-72A Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N 9480001-9489999)
    SMST-72A Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N A7600001-A7699999)
    SMST-72A Sabre Tooth Tiger (S/N B7900001-B7999999)
    SMST-72A Turf Tiger (C9000001-C9099999)
    SMST-72A Turf Tiger (S/N 9480001-9489999)
    SMST-72A Turf Tiger (S/N A7600001-A7699999)
    SMST-72A Turf Tiger (S/N B7900001-B7999999)
    SMST-72A Turf Tiger (S/N E0000001-E0099999)
    SMT-52A (S/N 7760001-7769999)
    SMT-52A (S/N 8560001-8569999)
    SMT-52A Turf Tiger (S/N 9440001-9449999)
    SMT-52A Turf Tiger (S/N A7100001-A7199999)
    SMT-52V (Turf Tiger) (S/N D9400001-D9499999)
    SMT-52V (Turf Tiger) (S/N D9400001-D9499999)
    SMT-52V Turf Tiger (C8500001-C8599999)
    SMT-52V Turf Tiger (S/N B7400001-B7499999)
    SMT-52V Turf Tiger (S/N D9400001-D9499999)
    SMT-61A (31BV) Turf Tiger (S/N A7300001-A7399999)
    SMT-61A (S/N 7770001-7779999)
    SMT-61A (S/N 8570001-8579999)
    SMT-61A Turf Tiger (S/N 9450001-9459999)
    SMT-61A Turf Tiger (S/N A7200001-A7299999)
    SMT-61V (BVAC
    BV) (Turf Tiger) (S/N D9900001-D9999999)
    SMT-61V (BVAC
    BV) (Turf Tiger) (S/N D9900001-D9999999)
    SMT-61V (BVAC
    BV) Turf Tiger (C8700001-C8799999)
    SMT-61V (BVAC
    BV) Turf Tiger (S/N B7600001-B7699999)
    SMT-61V (Turf Tiger) (S/N D9500001-D9599999)
    SMT-61V (Turf Tiger) (S/N D9500001-D9599999)
    SMT-61V STT-31EFI Turf Tiger (S/N D9500001-D9599999)
    SMT-61V Turf Tiger (C8600001-C8699999)
    SMT-61V Turf Tiger (S/N B7500001-B7599999)
    SMT-61V Turf Tiger (S/N D9500001-D9599999)
    SMT-72A (S/N 7780001-7789999)
    SMT-72V (Diesel Turf Tiger) (S/N G6600001-G6699999)
    SMT-72V (S/N F7200001-F7299999)
    SMT-72V (Turf Tiger) (S/N J1200001-J1299999)
    SMT-72V Turf Tiger (S/N E2300001-E2399999)
    SMT-72VS STT 31EFI Turf Tiger (S/N E3400001-E3499999)
    SMT-72VS Turf Tiger (S/N E3400001-E3499999)
    SMTC-48A (S/N 7680001-7689999)
    SMTC-48A (S/N 8450000-8459999)
    SMTC-48A Tiger Cub (S/N 9320001-9329999)
    SMTC-48A Tiger Cub (S/N A5400001-A5499999)
    SMTC-48V (S/N B5900001-B5999999)
    SMTC-48V (S/N D9100001-D9199999)
    SMTC-48V (Tiger Cub) (S/N D9100001-D9199999)
    SMTC-48V (Wildcat) (S/N D9100001-D9199999) (Rev. 2)
    SMTC-48V Tiger Cat (S/N D9100001-D9199999)
    SMTC-48V Tiger Cub (S/N B5900001-B5999999)
    SMTC-48V Tiger Cub (S/N C7000001-C7099999)
    SMTC-52A (S/N 7690001-7699999)
    SMTC-52A (S/N 8460000-8469999)
    SMTC-52A Tiger Cub (S/N 9330001-9339999)
    SMTC-52A Tiger Cub (S/N A5500001-A5599999)
    SMTC-61A (S/N 8470000-8479999)
    SMWC-52A Wildcat (S/N A5500001-A5599999)
    SMWC-52V (S/N D9200001-D9299999)
    SMWC-52V (Wildcat) (S/N D9200001-D9299999)
    SMWC-52V (Wildcat) (S/N D9200001-D9299999) (Rev. 2)
    SMWC-52V Tiger Cat (S/N D9200001-D9299999)
    SMWC-52V Tiger Cub (B6000001-B6099999)
    SMWC-52V Tiger Cub (S/N C7100001-C7199999)
    SMWC-52V Wildcat (S/N B6000001-B6099999)
    SMWC-52V Wildcat (S/N C7100001-C7199999)
    SMWC-61A Wildcat (S/N 9340001-9349999)
    SMWC-61A Wildcat (S/N A5700001-A5799999)
    SMWC-61V (S/N D9300001-D9399999)
    SMWC-61V (Wildcat) (S/N D9300001-D9399999)
    SMWC-61V (Wildcat) (S/N D9300001-D9399999) (Rev. 2)
    SMWC-61V Tiger Cat (S/N D9300001-D9399999)
    SMWC-61V Tiger Cub (S/N C7200001-C7299999)
    SMWC-61V Wildcat (S/N B6100001-B6199999)
    SMWC-61V Wildcat (S/N C7200001-C7299999)
    STC48A-19KA (S/N 7630001-7639999)
    STC48A-19KA (S/N 8400000-8409999)
    STC48A-19KA Tiger Cub (S/N 9250001-9259999)
    STC48A-19KA Tiger Cub (S/N A4800001-A4899999)
    STC48A-20CV (S/N 7640001-7649999)
    STC48A-20CV (S/N 8410000-8419999)
    STC48A-20CV Tiger Cub (S/N 9260001-9269999)
    STC48A-20CV Tiger Cub (S/N A4900001-A4999999)
    STC48A-21KA (S/N 7650001-7659999)
    STC48A-21KA (S/N 8420000-8429999)
    STC48A-21KA Tiger Cub (S/N 9280001-9289999)
    STC48A-21KA Tiger Cub (S/N A5100001-A5199999)
    STC48V-19KAI Tiger Cat (S/N E4600001-E4699999)
    STC48V-19KAI Tiger Cub (S/N C1600001-C1699999)
    STC48V-21KA Tiger Cub (S/N B5100001-B5199999)
    STC48V-22FS (S/N F7400001-F7499999)
    STC48V-22FS (Tiger Cat) (S/N J8700001-J8799999)
    STC48V-22FS-LE (S/N F7600001-F7699999)
    STC48V-23CV (Tiger Cat) (S/N J8800001-J8899999)
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Steve M
    Great fit for my Scag Tiger Cat II

    Purchased this Flip Manufacturing 703569 replacement spindle assembly for my Scag Tiger Cat II and it fit perfectly. I'm back to mowing without any issues.

    John Smith
    Great fit for my Scag Tiger Cat II

    The Flip Manufacturing 703569 spindle assembly was an exact fit for my Scag Tiger Cat II. It was a quick and easy installation and now my mower is running smoothly again.

    Paul M.
    Great Quality

    The Flip Manufacturing 703569 is a quality replacement part for my Scag mower. It was an easy installation and fit perfectly. Highly recommend!