• 20141104_1311482_EDIT (Custom)

    FlipMFG Fuel Pump Fits Can Am Fuel Pump

    Fits Outlander and Renegade 500, 650,800 years 2006-2008. Replaces Can-Am part number 703500771.  Delivers within 2-5 business day with FREE SHIPPING.

  • 20141104_1342302_EDIT (Custom)

    FlipMFG Fuel Pump Compatible with Arctic Cat

    Flip Manufacturing Replacement Fuel Pump fits Arctic Cat Part Number 0570-271.

  • 20141112_0902472_EDIT (Custom)

    FlipMFG Tie Rod – Fits Can Am Commander Tie Rod

    - Replaces Commander Tie rod.
    – Flip part number 151094.
    – Fits: Can Am Commander (all models)
    – Free Shipping

  • 20141118_1029412_EDIT (Custom)

    Polaris Tilt Steering Shock

    -Replaces Polaris part number 704352.
    -Aftermarket, no modification required.
    -Flip Part number 313136
    -Free Shipping

  • 20141106_13460922_EDIT (Custom)

    Kawasaki STX Fuel Pump

    - Replaces Kawasaki part number 49040-3718.
    – Flip part number 167194.
    – Fits: Stx12F 2005-2011, Stx15F 2005-2012.

  • IMG_02602_EDIT (Custom)

    FlipMFG Fuel pump Fits Cub Cadet Fuel Pump 2182

    Replaces Kubota part number KB-EG601-52030 fits 2182. Replaces Cub Cadet Fuel Pump. Flip part number 167187. Same day shipping and delivery within 1-3 business days.

  • 20141218_1445572_EDIT (Custom)

    FlipMFG Prop Shaft – Fits Can Am prop shaft

    -Replaces OEM: 703500706
    -Direct aftermarket replacement, no modification required.
    -Free Shipping
    -Flip Part Number 151056

  • 186171 ebay

    Polaris RZR Shift Cable

    -Replaces Polaris part number 7081680.
    -Flip part number 186171.
    -Fits: Ranger RZR 800 2008-2013

  • IMG_03195_EDIT (Custom)

    Polaris Right Side Boot

    - Replaces Polaris part number 5412013.
    – Flip part number 189899.
    – Passenger side only.
    – Fits: Ranger and RZR 2001-2012

  • 189899 350-200

    FlipMFG Boot – Fits Can Am Commander Steering Boot

    This item includes FREE SHIPPING and delivers within 1-4 business days.

  • 20150114_1533442_EDIT copy (Custom)

    Flip Manufacturing Steering Rack Fits John Deere Gator

    - Fits John Deere Part Number AM135627.
    – Flip part number 151100
    – Fits: Gator Turf, E-Gator, TS Gator, TH 6X4
    Gator, TX Turf Gator, TE Gator.

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Flip Manufacturing was created to fulfill a void in the powersports industry. We would go into our local dealer to purchase an item and find they only offered the OEM at an outrageous price which would take 4-7 business days to receive. Flip Manufacturing fills this void with same day shipping at a price much less than the OEM. Consumers need an alternative to the OEM and that’s why we are here. Great products at affordable prices.

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